SCAM WARNING:  As our Community grows we are seeing more scams of people selling the $cert  V1 Token under the auspices that Certicos will replace with the $CERT V2 Token.  All of he $cert V1 Tokens have been already replaced and you should not purchase $cert V1 Tokens thinking they will be replaced with $CERT V2 Tokens.  Only purchase $CERT V2 Tokens on chain. Certicos is not responsible for your loss if you purchase under false belief that they will be replaced, because they have already been replaced. 


UPDATE: November 28, 2023

We have completed our first Presale.  If you missed it you can still purchase CERT V2 Tokens on our platform with the listed tokens below within your Certicos or External wallet inside your account.  We are pleased to announce that we have surpassed 750 users of Certicosign and continue to grow.  We will be completing our Token Audit this week and then entering the IDO / CEX Launch phase.  We have several IDO Launchpads that we are looking at along with Centralized Exchanges.  We also should be listed shortly on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.



Web3 App utilizing WalletConnect and Multisig Transactions.

CerticosV2 Smart Contract Audit Report of the CERT V2 Token click here


Trench Coin Trading Pairs are now available on Pancake Swap.  Please search with our Token Address on Pancake Swap and CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

$CERT Token Address

Airdrop to Build Community will be frequently scheduled on Telegram




Cellphone and Tablet Compatible
Counterfeit Prevention
Low Creator Storage Fee
Approvers Receive Tokens
Encrypted Documents
Other Crypto Token Friendly

Certicos Comparison To Legacy eSignature Services

Certicos offers an alternative to legacy online eSignature services.  Send eSignature Documents using Web3 App with Multisig approval, or apply for an internal Certicos secure wallet.


Turn your Cellphone Sideways for best view
Documents Stored to Blockchain
Attach Supporting Documents
No Monthly Fees
Approvers given Token to participate
Online Web3 Crypto Wallet
Include Document Messaging
Encrypted eSignature
48 Bit Encryption
Web3 APP and WalletConnect