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CEX Launch on P2B - April 2024
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UPDATE: March 17th, 2024:  Check out our DEX/CEX page in header for listing of Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.  Also, please check out our pricing page that shows the price matrix breakdown by document size.


UPDATE: January 25th, 2024

Certicosign Users please look for email regarding migrating custody of the Certicos wallets to member users. You may use these wallets, or go into your profile and assign a new wallet.


Add CERT (ERC-20) to Metamask Wallet Instructions


Arbitrum One CERT Token Link 


How to buy Arbitrum bridged Ethereum Tokens

We have completed our reimbursement to GEMPAD (Those Wallet Holders who have retrieved their tokens; if you have retrieved your CERT V2 Tokens and did not receive please contact us at info@certicosign.com.  We have also completed reimbursement to Pancake Swap users, and closed the class on February 25th, 2024 after repeated notifications on our Telegram channel to those wallet holders that participated in  Certicos Airdrops Airdrop Participants of CERTV2 Token.


CERT (ERC-20) Token is on the Arbitrum One Network and can be added to an EVM Wallet

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Certicos Smart Contract Audit Report of the Arbitrum CERT Token

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KYC Approved by ICSA.


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Feel free to verify that we are a Privately held Limited Liability Company located in the State of Wyoming within USA.

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Learn more by checking out our White Paper.

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