About Us – Unveiling Our Vision and Mission | Certicos

About Us - Unveiling Our Vision and Mission | Certicos

About Us

Mission Statement

Certicos aims to be the Global Leader in digital document creation, certification, and approving by allowing the world population the ability at any level in multiple languages to utilize our service utilizing the IPFS (Interplanetary File System); Blockchain Technology; and, Cryptograph technology at a low cost with the highest level of service and security for personal, and business entities.

The Certicos Concept

The inception of Certicos was driven by the necessity for a global, cost-effective solution for transmitting and approving documents, coupled with the integration of Blockchain technology. In contrast to other online document control providers that lure customers in with free services and later impose monthly subscriptions, Certicos takes a different approach. We leverage a native cryptocurrency, CERT, requiring only the document creator to utilize CERTs on our website and establish their own Crypto Wallet within the Certicos system (Internal or External).

Opting for transparency and affordability, we’ve set our fees low, benchmarking against the value of a US Postal Service First Class Stamp (currently $0.66 USD) and USDT. Users can manage their own Crypto Wallets, facilitating purchases with Ethereum (ETH), Stablecoins (USDT/USDC), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Additionally, during the Pre-sale FIAT launch, we offered payment options through PayPal, CashApp, and Square.

The CERTICOS token is integral to operations on the platform, serving as transactional currency for creating, signing, and verifying documents. It also rewards approvers, encouraging active participation in this innovative document management ecosystem.

The token functions as the primary transaction medium on the platform, enabling users to create, sign, and securely save documents on an encrypted, decentralized system. Its use ensures that all stored data, including document signatures, are fully encrypted (SHA256) and immutable.

CERTICOS is positioned to overtake substantial portions of the eSignature business and is on the Arbitrum One Network!


CERTICOS is on the Arbitrum One Network!

The Certicos Steering Committee


JC Kunkel

JC Kunkel is both an Electrical Engineer and an Attorney and has been working in Aerospace Supply Chain and Planning for 12 years. A member of both the Florida Bar and the DC Court of Appeals; James has been practicing contract and immigration law for over 15 years. James also was a project manager on several Hydro and Gas Fired Power plants in Latin America and Asia.

Jeremy Hogan

Attorney Jeremy Hogan is partner at the Law Office of Hogan & Hogan, P.A. and runs the crypto-focused YouTube channel “Legal Briefs.” Jeremy has been involved in digital asset related law since 2019 and has represented new and existing crypto projects and assisted with regulation and compliance, corporate structure and contracts, and other legal issues specific to the industry. He brings his over twenty years of diverse legal background and experience to Certicos to assist with legal and marketing issues.

Corey Seger

Corey has successfully performed roles in the metric-driven aerospace industry for over 30 years. He can be credited with managing projects to create and drive Lean Practices to ensure corporations meet or exceed fiscal, production and customer satisfaction goals. Corey is Six-Sigma and Lean Management certified and holds a B.S. in Business Management.

Tony Blakeley

An avid Cryptoligist, Tony has a background in Aerospace, procurement, and crypto trends and investing. A protege of Tokenomics and Supply Chain Management.

Crystal Coyne

Human Resource Manager with background in media and automotive industry. Crystal is the Certicos AMA host and avid Crypto Researcher with her undergraduate work at Arizona State University,
Michael Tabone

Michael Tabone

Dr. Michael Tabone is a seasoned blockchain business strategist, university professor, and consultant with nearly two decades of experience in the emerging technology industry. He is the Senior Economist at Cointelegraph and serves as a professor at the University of the Cumberlands in their globally recognized IACBE Global Business with Blockchain Technology Master’s program. In his capacity as a business strategist, economist, and project manager, he offers consultancy services to companies specializing in the DeFi and blockchain sectors.

Ward Smith

Ward Smith is the Director of Marketing for Keystone Folding Box Company and the lead innovator behind ecoslide-RX TM , the revolutionary, eco-friendly compliance package currently used nationally in Walmart pharmacies. Prior to joining Keystone, Mr. Smith worked as a Compliance Packaging Specialist and Clinical Trial Specialist at MeadWestvaco Corporation. He also served as Executive Director at the Atlanta Institute of Medicine & Research. Mr. Smith earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Florida State University and belongs to the Drug Information Association, the Midwest Clinical Supply Group and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering.
Anabella Ten

Anabella Ten

Web3 Business Development. Software Engineer and Security Specialist. Annabella has her Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering and has worked for multiple crypto exchanges and financial brokerage houses in Singapore.

Lalit Bansal

Lalit Bansal is a Founder & CEO of EIY SYS and Director in Revinfotech with approx 2 decades of affluent experience in Blockchain, ICO,IEO,IDO,IFO, Digital Marketing, Fintech, and Growth Hacking. An engineer by training and an entrepreneur by profession, his leadership, experience, and connections make him a smart advisor. He has spent many years investing and working on several blockchain ventures. It’s his dedication and hard work that adds to his ranking among the few platforms as top Blockchain advisors/consultants. His outstanding entrepreneurial skills and commercial acumen with innovation and motivation make him an influencer.

Jordan Harry

Jordan Harry has delivered a TEDx talk “How to Read a Book a Day” with 3,000,000 views and is now building Anonymous Marketing. Over the past decade, he has helped drive rapid growth for great brands by communicating their story. Great brands such as FTSE 500 companies like Unilever, De-Fi projects, and crypto influencers. He is well-connected within the investing space as the host of The Super Investor Show. When he's not investing he is either studying stoicism or practising mixed martial arts.

Christian Grant

Executive leader in Defense and Aerospace. Entrepreneur with a track record of building up smaller companies to receive higher revenues, improved gross margins and even possible sale. Influential leader with an extensive world wide network and respected credibility.

Samir Kaila

Samir is a Computer Science Engineer and Software Developer and has been designing software platforms and systems for 15 years.

Scott Mager

Scott Mager is a nationally renowned Attorney that has received nationwide recognition for handling a variety of legal issues at the State, Federal and Supreme Court levels, including his involvement as counsel on the internationally covered “Baby T” case. He has handled plaintiff and defense cases, represented all levels of clients, from individuals to multi-billion dollar companies, and was recently honored by a multi-billion dollar insurance conglomerate with the National Litigator of the Year – given to only one person per year. His most recent jury verdict was a $9.4 million dollar verdict, including $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

Kevin McCann

Elite Real Estate Acquisition Operator in both commercial and residential real estate. Substantial background in acquisitions of non-performing assets and legal matters as they relate to Real Estate.