Certicos Air Drop

Certicos Air Drop




This Airdrop is for one-hundred (100) Certicos Tokens (BEP-20) using the BNB Smart Chain. This Airdrop is for wallets that have not been populated before; or, are new Sign Ups on the Certicosign.com platform.


This will be our final Airdrop prior to official Pre-Sale launch.

Our Pre-Sale goal will be to sell 1,000,000 Certicos Tokens at .05 USDT. This will help us enter multiple exchanges for our CEX launch at .066 USDT.


If you want to get in on it early you can by signing up at Certicosign.com and using stable coin tethers within your wallet. More details are on our Pricing page.


Make sure you follow @thecrystalcoyne on Twitter for spot Airdrops, official pre-sale start and CEX Launch dates.


If you participated in our first Airdrop and did not receive Certicos Tokens because of attempting multiple wallet entries, you may participate in this Airdrop with those wallets that were not populated.  If you have signed up inside the Certicosign.com platform already, you should have received already your one hundred (100) Certicos Tokens. 


Thanks again for helping us grow and launch !!


Airdrop Email
We will be analyzing the data to filter out excess wallet holder violations and verifying wallet status prior to fulfilling the airdrops. If you applied with more than the five (5) wallet limit; only the five (5) wallets will be in consideration for populating based on our discretion.