Certicos Best Document Contest

Certicos Best Document Contest

Certicos Contest

Certicos is having our first ever document contest.  The contest is open to everybody that signs up for an account at www.certicosign.com. Contestants will make a document using either an uploaded document or a creating a document using Certicos create document feature. All you need is some Certicos and ArbEth (Arbitrum Ethereum).


1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

4th Place:

5th Place:

6th Place:

7th Place:

8th Place:




(1) Open an Account on Certicosign: www.certicosign.com (Sign In or create a new account)


(2) Between June 15th – June 22nd Send an Invite Message to Certicos 2:

      USERID: 11311


(3) Certicos2 will accept your Invite Request

  • Create a One (1) Page Document that includes Following:

  • Signature of Creator

  • Signature of Approver

  • At least one (1) Text Field

  • At least one (1) radio Button


(4) The Document can be anything (i.e. Text, a Meme with Images).

(5) Once complete send to Certicos2 as your entry by July 1st.


(6) Winners will be announced on July 7th.


Note:  Only one (1) entry per account; you must have at least 67 CERT in your account and a small amount of ARBETH for Gas Fee.