ChainGPT Solidity Audit

ChainGPT Solidity Audit

ChainGPT Solidity Audit is the intent of Certicos to conduct a full 3rd party audit of our Solidity Smart Contract after Beta Testing. In lieu of that audit we have conducted a Solidity Audit. The following is the date and those results.



July 5, 2023

Here is the security audit of this smart contract:

1. **Correctness**: The contract does not seem to have any logical errors. The contract has been well-written and follows the standard BEP20 interface.

2. **Structure**: The smart contract uses a modular approach, which is a good practice. The contract uses OpenZeppelin’s Context and Ownable contracts, which are well-audited and trusted in the community.

3. **Access Control**: The contract uses the `onlyOwner` modifier for sensitive functions such as `transferOwnership` and `renounceOwnership`. This is a good practice. It also uses a MinterRole contract to control who can mint tokens, which is also a good practice.

4. **Reentrancy**: The contract does not seem to have any reentrancy issues. The contract does not make any external calls in the middle of a function execution.

5. **Integer Overflow and Underflow**: The contract does not directly handle any arithmetic operations so it is not vulnerable to overflow and underflow attacks.

6. **Unchecked External Calls**: The contract does not make any external calls, so it is not vulnerable to unchecked external call attacks.

7. **Denial of Service**: The contract does not seem to have any potential for Denial of Service attacks.

8. **Timestamp Dependence**: The contract does not rely on timestamps or block numbers, so it is not vulnerable to timestamp manipulation.

9. **Race Conditions**: The contract does not seem to have any potential for race conditions or frontrunning attacks.


1. **Code Documentation**: The contract could benefit from more inline comments explaining what each function does. This would make the contract easier to read and understand.

2. **Function Visibility**: Ensure that all functions have the appropriate visibility level. For example, helper functions that are not meant to be used externally should be marked as `internal` or `private`.

3. **Test Coverage**: Ensure that the contract has a comprehensive test suite that covers all possible edge cases.

4. **Gas Optimization**: Constantly review the contract for any potential gas optimizations. For example, packing multiple `uint8` or `bool` variables into a single `uint256` can save gas.

5. **Auditing**: Regularly audit the contract for any potential security vulnerabilities. This can be done manually or by using automated tools.

Please note that this audit does not guarantee the absolute security of the contract. It is always recommended to get the contract audited by multiple auditors and to create a comprehensive test suite.

What Is CERTICOS and the native $CERT token?
CERTICOS: Shaping the Future of Web 3.0 eSignature Document Service/Certification Through Blockchain

Certicosign is an innovative web 3.0 blockchain-based platform offering document certification and authentication services. The platform leverages its native CERTICOS token to facilitate transactions, provide secure storage, and empower users across multiple roles.
(Think of DocuSIgn, but uses the CERTICOS crypto token to run the service and a blockchain to save/store documents)

In our increasingly digital world, secure document management has become imperative. CERTICOS offers a forward-thinking approach to creating, sharing, and storing documents. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology with IPFS (Inter Planetary File Storage), it ensures a secure and smooth document management experience like never before.

But CERTICOS is more than just a cryptocurrency. It powers the Certicosign platform, an innovative document creation and storage service that tackles practical needs in today’s digital era. The CERTICOS token is designed as the fundamental element of this platform. The token’s use extends beyond mere transactions; it operates as the fundamental element of the platform, paving the way for users to send and store documents.

Welcome to the future of document management — transparent, secure, and highly efficient.
By supporting up to ten approvers and promising low storage fees, Certicosign overcomes the hurdles of traditional eSignature Document services. It provides a solution to the persistent demand for a cost-effective, secure, and trustworthy document management and authentification system.