Promotional Partnership Information Form

Promotional Partnership Information Form

Thank you for your interest and if you have not done so, please Register here and get your Certicosign UserID.



(1) Register with Certicosign and get your five (5) digit CERT ID #.
NOTE:  You will need an EVM (ERC-20) Compatible Wallet Address.

(2) Fill out the form below.

(3) Within 24 hours you will receive an invite on the platform and an email.

(4) Accept the invite inside Certicosign and then we will send you a one page promotional partnership agreement to sign on the Certicosign platform.

(5) Shortly after we will send you some CERT (ERC-20) and some ArbEthereum tokens and you are on your way to creating eSignature Blockchain Documents using IPFS Technology.


You can check out our tutorial page on how to do create and send documents.

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