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Pinned Update

  1. Arbitrum One CERT Token Link 

How to buy Arbitrum bridged Ethereum Tokens

We have completed our reimbursement to GEMPAD (Those Wallet Holders who have retrieved their tokens; if you have retrieved your CERT V2 Tokens and did not receive please contact us at  We have also completed reimbursement to Pancake Swap users.  We have started Airdrop to those wallet holders that participated in  Certicos Airdrops Airdrop Participants of CERTV2 Token.

For Certicos users, we will be migrating to our Arbitrum One Network CERT token between January 22nd – January 24th.  You will receive an email with instructions.


UPDATE: January 18th, 2024

Pool 1: Pancake SWAP BNB. We are 90% complete, we expect to finish by Jan 21st. Please check the pinned messages for links and check Google Sheet for walley addresses and transactions. There are about 20 wallets remaining.

Pool 2: GEMPAD We expect to start releasing on Jan 21st ALL the replacement Arbitrum CERT + 15%. There are total 63 wallets.

Pool 3: Airdrop we expect to begin on Jan 21st and run through Jan 30th with replacement of CERT V2 tokens that were in wallets on Jan 7th. We will be releasing in stages and will have a Google Sheet link and webpage. This pool will take some time to replenish because of the gas fees required. If you would like to prepay for gas fees and expedite we will give you that option when we launch this Airdrop.


We have requested delisting on CoinGecko and BSC Scan on the CERT V2 Token.

We are expecting to submit for CoinGecko on Jan 22nd; and Audit on Jan 26th.

After audit is complete we will announce CEX and first IEO+ICO launch.

Bandit Update: Our developer will conduct an AMA on Jan 28th to discuss update. In total the Bandit has cost Certicos about $20k USD in losses because of the delays and relauncing.


UPDATE January 14, 2024:  Please click here or on the Link Below for Pancake SWAP Reimbursement Claims.



After long deliberation with our Steering Committee and Developers we are going to deploy our Smart Contract to the Arbitrum Network (ERC20) from Binance Smart Chain.  This comes with a heavy heart because we are all very fond of CZ and what was built at Binance, however after the Bandit used Binance to exchange stolen assets (more detail on our Telegram Pin and site), increasing BNB gas fees, and observed slower network times for our document creations; we think it is best for our Project to move to a different network and have a clean start prior to CEX Launches. We evaluated several networks and found that the Arbitrum Network supports our needs best.  There are many advantages to Arbitrum and we will be updating and posting those advantages this weekend as we go through test net.


We will be testing our new token this weekend with our platform in testnet and expect to launch the new token on Tuesday January 16th. Distribution as per our schedule will then begin.  The token audit will also commence at the same time.


We are returning to the OG (CERT) token and will not rebrand as CERT V3.


Please continue your support, and as soon as the new token is available and ready to be populated along with reimbursement BNB to Pancake Swap participants we will advise and transfer.


Pinned Update

UPDATED January 09, 2024: Just prior to our DEX Launch on Pancake Swap, a bandit stole the minter keys from our developer and minted 200M Tokens and flooded (ie.  destroyed) the liquidity pool seconds after launch by then taking those 200M tokens and swapping them for approx. 10 BNB. This caused a Rug Pull; as the Liquidity Pool only was supposed to start with 777,000 Tokens per GEMPAD pool creation.   As a result, non-bonafide purchases were made and we were forced to take the remaining minted CERT Tokens and drain the liquidity pool to protect Certicos and investors.

Site documents snd data are secure and were not impacted. The breach was isolated to the token only.

The Bandit reportedly stole $ 1 Million over last 6 months and has exchanged for BUSD on Binance. They have been informed multiple times of the breach and site laundering. We are not pleased. The bandit wallet addresses are pinned on our Telegram Channel.

We will be creating a new Certicos  token, KYC, and Audit with the new token.  We expect to release the new token shortly (January 2023) and will place announcements here.  We will be updating all the website pages to identify the new  Certicos token once the contract is complete.

The following are the identified groups of CERT V2 token holders and the reimbursement methodology.

  1. GEM Pad Holders:  These are CERT V2 Token Holders that purchased on the GEMPAD Liquidity Pool between December 27th and January 5th.  These holders will be reimbursed with new CERT  tokens plus 15% for their troubles and hassle. Gempad holders must collect their tokens from the site so we csn see in BSC Scan. GEMPAD is aware of the breach that occurred after Presale and hss been very supportive.
  2. Pancake Swap BNB/CERT purchasers of CERT V2 tokens:  These holders will have their BNB reimbursed.
  3. Airdrop Token Holders:  These holders will have the quantity of CERT V2 Tokens reimbursed in their wallets in the equal quantity of new CERT Tokens prior to the Pancake Swap sale.
  4. CERT V2 Token Holders that sold their tokens on Pancake Swap for BNB:  These holders may keep their BNB.


Thank you for your patience in this matter and your continued support.  Certicos still plans to launch our project in January 2023 on at least one (1) IEO+ ICO CEX despite this setback